Kan Kan village in Furano City!

by Gen,
Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Have you enjoyed this winter enough?
Furano City sets up "Kan Kan Village in its area every year. It is the namesake of enjoying  the coldness of winter amply.
I've visited "Ice Hotel in the outskirt of Quebec City and heard of the original ice hotel in Sweden before. I think the citizens were inspired by those northern regions.
It does not have the hot spa in its area like "ice hotels" overseas and Hotel Fukuhara has on the Lake Shikaribetsu every winter but has ice bar as those hotels have.
Pints of beer in ice schooners are my favorite but it enhance me to commute to the washroom in such cold temperature.

It is still snowing in Hokkaido today. Only few days are left to enjoy this winter. Hit the road to enjoy the last part of this winter !
But please keep in mind "to drive safely"!