Raw Egg Rice in Naganuma Town!

by Sorachi Travel Report 

It can be said that raw egg rice is the soul food for Japanese people particularly when quick bite is required. It is not recommended to eat raw egg without frying or boiling in other countries but in sanitary Japan, it is possible to savor such rice bowl.
Naganuma Town has a specialty restaurant of this raw egg rice bowl. The name is "Hakurankai"(白卵懐) . The owner of the restaurant uses the egg produced in his younger brother's farm "Ran Ran Nojo Murata". Click here to have a look on the farm→ 「卵ラン農場ムラタ」

 The hens are raised with natural feed such as the mixture of wheat, rice bran, fish powder and so forth. As no additives are not put into the feed, the yolk is beautiful lemon yellow.
On top of that, the hens are raised in the wide space so that they can romp around and grow without stress. They can go outside of the  hen coop  and walk around shown on the right.

Do you think the birds or the beasts of prey may pounce at the hens ?
Many dogs are on the premises of this farm and guard the hens.

The eggs laid by the hens raised in natural and not stressful environment are very safe to eat and very delicious !
One package of these eggs is 400 Japanese yen and the color varies.
In the egg specialty restaurant "Hakurankai" 「白卵懐」, the mixture of soy sauce and the broth of bonito and kelp is the base. Other than that leek-flavored soy sauce can be used in the restaurant.
Generally speaking, the specialty soy sauce just for raw egg rice bowl, oyster-broth soy sauce are available in Japan.
The upper left is normal soy sauce. The upper center is the specialty soy sauce just for raw egg rice bowl, the upper right normal sauce for Japanese noodle. The down right is broth, the down center is the mixture of broth and soy sauce and the down left is oyster-broth soy sauce.

Furthermore, various kinds of toppings should be tried.
my favorite is fermented soy beans called "Natto" with chopped leek.

Dried sea weed and small fish has a twist.
Pickled mushroom "Nametake" adds a another twist.
 The pickled veggie called "Nozawana" gives appropriate natural salty taste to the raw egg rice bowl.
Cheese and dried&fermented bonito flakes for broth have the occidental flavor and may be addictive.
Chinese "Zasai" with sesame oil gives the Chinese taste but I have heard of special raw egg rice bowl had been developed in China Town of Yokohama Port. XO sauce, oyster sauce, Chinese alcohol and other materials were required to make the lethal raw egg rice bowl.
I lost the recipe but absolutely I will try to make in the near future.
Actually, the book for "Tamagokake Gohan" which means raw egg rice bowl has been issued. The normal raw egg rice bowl is on the first page of the book as shown on the right. It's natural!

Entry number 365 is Great T.K.G of Memphis topped with sliced banana with peanut butter and the flakes of chocolate !
I am not sure I can reach this stage or not.

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