Listen to the angels whispering !

by Gen,
Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

I am not sure why the event is called in such way.
It is called "the meeting for listening to the angels whispering." The huge sparkling monument shaped like bamboo shoots can be seen over there. The candle lights are on both sides of the approach to the monument as if the candle lights were inviting us to the monument.
The monument cropped up in the snow.
Of course, it is not the home planet of Superman.

It is in Horokanai Town, Kamikawa  sub-prefectural area.  

It seemed that many people are fading into the monument. It may be the illusion in the coldness of minus 30 degrees in Celsius. My cronies must be caught in such scenery.

Spring has come in your region?
A little by a little, it's getting warmer than mid winter but in Horokanai Town, the General Winter seems to be reigning over the region of Kamikawa  sub-prefectural area even if he is  crestfallen.

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