Image Character of Sorachi Concierge has been decided!

by Kazu

Congratulations, Mr. Yuki Setoda in Ryokuryou High School in Iwamizawa !
Your design got the most votes in Sorachi General Election held in Sapporo Snow Festival in 2013 !

Let me explain his concept of this design.
What the character has on its head is a grain of rice that is produced most in Sorachi sub-prefectural area   among the sub-prefectural areas in Hokkaido.
Simplicity of the design and the presence of rice is his priority in his design. To be honest, I thought it may be acceptable for kids because of its pretty features but I've already asked the company which conducted our Sorachi campaign to check out on the matter of intellectual property.
Do you think it is a good idea to ask some popular animation company to add this character or other character designs out of award this time to their own story?
This character got the status of the navigator in the web page for introducing Sorachi sub-prefectural area and the name of Soracchi.
Other designs are also pretty so much. Ms.Nanami Yabe in the same high school designed the character with the motif of a rice ball and rice crop. It should be made the most of in other campaign or the promotion of Sorachi products and produces.
Ms. Mizuki Nakamura designed the character with the image of cloud, snow and buds in spring. Long boots are necessary for the winter in Sorachi.
 Thank you all for attention and figuring out the pretty design for our Sorachi campaign !        

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