"Gonji" in Iwamizawa City!

by Kazu

This restaurant may be more suitable for ladies than the binge drinkers like me. But even for us, the restaurant is enjoyable. The name is "Gonji". I am not sure what the name is derived from or is the namesake of.
"旬菜 dining" should be translated "dining of seasonal best materials"?
It can be said to be Italian.
TEL 0126227681
Address: Higashi 1-1-2, 2-jo, Iwamizawa City.
Precise location can be checked at http://www.bfh.jp/theme/theme_searchdetail/60001218/ and other gourmet site but only in Japanese.
The owner chef Mr.Harada sought for the best cuisine leaving the category and reached the original cuisine after experienced in French restaurants and Italian restaurants.
A wide variety of dishes made of the best food materials sourced locally satisfies the guests with wine and Japanese sake.
The meal coupons can be issued by the restaurant and is available even for the course menu.
Small separated rooms can be available but reservation is required beforehand. It is so comfortable to mingle with your favorite people, having so nice dishes and alcohol.
Fried Camembert cheese is the starter.
The hors-d'oeuvre consist s of grilled zucchini topped with butter cream sauce, grilled conch called "Tsubu" flavored with garlic, steamed pumpkin, roast beef and mushroom.
The sour cream dressing has something twisted and the combination of veggies was so excellent.
Mushrooms topped with meat and gelee seemed to have been baked in the oven.
Open: 11:00-14:30, 18:00-22:00
38 seats are available
Parking lots for 5 cars
 Toasted slice of baguette was topped with melted cheese and stimulate our appetite again.  

Chopped clam meat was grilled on the shell and topped with garlic and basil sauce, I think.
In total, the staff of my division really enjoyed so much the dishes figured out by Mr. Harada with the barrels of beer and wine !

Thank you very much for the culinary delights, Mr. Harada !

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