Well-founded Businesses Festival in Kuriyama Town !

by Kazu

Well-founded Businesses Festival "Shinise Matsuri " is to be held again in Kuriyama Town on April 13(Sat.) and 14(Sun.) !

It is expected that thousands of people will swamp to the downtown of Kuriyama again on that days. Public parking lot will be filled with the visitor's cars in the morning. So please use the public transportation such as JR or buses if possible.

 Of course, Kobayahi Brewery will sell the newly brewed Japanese sake "Kita-no-Nishiki" and "Arabashiri". Free tasting is allowed at one corner on the premises of the company but it will be swamped so many sake lovers and long line of the people will be in front of the corner. The line-up of the products can be seen at http://kitanonishiki.com/kitanonishiki/shop/index.html
Its buckwheat noodle restaurant "Kinsui-an" will be open on the days but will be filled up with visitors in the morning.

Many food stands and vendors will appear even in these warehouse zone and various kinds of attractions are planned and expected to allure so many people.
I recommend to bring director's chairs and table to enjoy the food and drink enough on the premises of Kobayashi Brewery but please mind p's and q's even if many drunken people are romping around. It is the private area of the company.
Old tools for brewery are exhibited in the old warehouse but the vendors will be on the other side of the warehouses for the sake. Please check out where the restroom is before getting the party started !
I am not sure if my new superior will visit the festival  or not but based on my memories when I had been supervised by him before, he loves Japanese sake so much as my former supervisor Mr.Takeda and I may be asked to be a chauffeur on the day. If you find me in the festival, tell me your name, my name and show me the countersign of "Texas Longhorn" with your fingers. I you successfully complete the mission, I will present you a bottle of Japanese sake "Kita-no-Nishiki".
See you there !

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