Orchid Festival in Akabira City !

by Kazu

An annual event, Orchid Festival is to be held in Akabira City on April 19(Fri.), 20(Sat.) and 21(Sun.), 10:00 a.m.to 5 p.m. It is the biggest orchid exhibition in Hokkaido and thousands kinds of orchid from all over the world such as gorgeous Moth Orchid, Cool Orchid and so forth,  will be in the venue of the festival.  
Venue: Akabira City Civil Gymnasium
〒079-1142 北海道赤平市東大町3丁目4番地
Tel:0125-33-7750 FAX:0125-33-7752

Advance ticket: 500 Japanese yen
Ticket            : 800 Japanese Yen

The pamphlet of the festival can be downloaded at
but only in Japanese.
 Two seminar will be held on April 19(Fri.) and 20(Sat).
The presenter for the first one is Mr.Kouji Ejiri, the vice representative of Suwada Farm. He will give you tips to raise beautiful orchids.
Another presenter is the Japanese flower arrangement master Ms.Shouka Oku and she will talk about preserved flower that can keep the beauty for good and actually teach the participants of the seminar how to make them.
On April 20(Sat.), Mr.Billy King will give a mini concert. Gospel, Soul, Motown, Standard number and Disco songs and various kinds of songs are worthwhile.
  【First Stage】11:00~11:25
  【Second Stage】14:30~14:55

Please be in luxury of beautiful orchids!

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