Business Jaunt to the northern islands 1 !

by Chis.

This is my first business jaunt in this year. Almost once a year, I visit Rishiri Island and Rebun Island located on the west of Wakkanai City, of course, on the Sea of Japan. This memorial sign shows the lyric of a certain song called "Shigure Ondo"  which means "scattered shower dancing song " on my way in Kutsugata Area.
The lyrics means "Donto Donto surfing on the wave ???" and it is near" Donto Community Center". "Donto" does not mean "don't" .
I think fishermen love songs for their pleasure all over the world.
This is the lighthouse on the cape. I am wondering if anybody had to keep the light and maintain the facility near the lighthouse many years ago.
It was not so cold but the scenery made me feel lonely and cold albeit my colleagues were around me and they enjoyed their trip to the island.
Remembering the voyage from Wakkanai to Rishiri Fuji Town on Rishiri Island, the sea was very calm and I could manage to stay comfortable in the ferry.
Mt. Rishiri Fuji could be seen from the cabin of the ferry and it was like the island floating in the sky, "Raputa" in animation film.
I prayed for the safe trip and the success of my business  with my fingers and toes crossed.

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