Kaiyo-maru in Esashi Town!

by Kazu

It might be my springtime when I had been in Esashi Town. A small island called "Oshima" can be seen from the southern beach of Esashi Town as you can see on the left.
The west coast of Hokkaido Island has many beautiful and impressive pieces of scenery albeit strong cold monsoon hit the coast every year.

A battleship called "Kaiyo-maru" was wrecked off shore of Esashi Town many years ago. The body of the ship itself decayed and can not be seen even if you dive into the sea but the cannons, bullets, coins and other items were salvaged and displayed in the museum with the same name and the same shape, built at the pier of Esashi Port.
 Yes, this is the museum on the sea "Kaiyo-maru".
It is not floating on the sea and was built with ferroconcrete.
This coast was swamped by herrings and the town had been so vitalized with a large catch of herring that it had been said that even the capital city Edo( current Tokyo) had not experienced the spring like Esashi Town had.
No swing, no up and down can not be felt in the museum because the ship-shaped museum is not floating and has the base deep in the seabed.

The photo taken from the beach of "Kamome-jima"(Seagull Island) is on the right. The island has many tunnels despite its small size.  
Huge flatfish can be fished around the island but I have not dived into before. A luxury hotel for executive class named "Kuki"  is near this area. Would you try the luxury of seafood and leisure in Esashi Town in spring?

"Kuki" means tons of fish swamping to the coast in Japanese.
The details are at http://esashi-kuki.jp/en/ 

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