Guanshi between politicians and office clerks of prefectural government!

by Kazu

The top dogs of our prefectural government have to visit Bibai City several times a year because a powerful member of the prefectural legislature invites them to the city. He has a special influence to the politics in Hokkaido and is elected from Bibai City.
On the left is "Buckwheat Noodle Soup Lunch" in the yakitori restaurant  "Tatsumi " of Bibai City. I heard that most of the citizen in Bibai City take off the skewered and grilled chicken from the stick and drop them to the buckwheat noodle soup, particularly after bar hopping or binge drinking.

The black seaweed paper beside the noodle soup covers a rice ball.  This lunch set is for 850 Japanese Yen. soybeans curd is on the top of the photo above.
 Besides, on the right is the novelty I prepared for the visitor who was successful to find me and call me Kazu at the venue of "The Well-established Businesses Festival " in Kuriyama Town.
It is a pity that nobody could find me in the festival albeit some expats were enjoying the delicious food and drink.

Anyway, thank you very much for visiting Kuriyama Town and purchasing many souvenirs !

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