Press Scrum in the night !

 by Kazu

After new top brasses assumed office in our Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government, I have to throw a party inviting the local press.
Ezo-ya in Iwamizawa City was chosen as the venue of the party this time. We choose the party course for four thousand yen per two hours, usually.
 This bistro is now providing the guests with the new type of "Shabu-Shabu" pot in which sliced quality pork should be boiled comparatively slightly with broth. "Mochi Buta" on the sign of the bistro on the right means the soft and tasteful pork with elasticity.
I had to work so hard in the party like a maitre-d' as the host, I could not take photos of the cuisine this time. The inside of the bistro was like the photo on the left. I am very sorry for failing to convey the information on the cuisine in this bistro.  
It was too hot in the party room to stay for a while, I escaped again and again, getting order of drinks from my guests and colleagues. It is the way to the restroom in the bistro. What on earth did I do ? I like to throw a party for my friends but the night was too tough and stressful for me.  
After checking the belongings left in the bistro after wrapping up the party, I had to join the after. "Japanese Bistro Ogawa" was chosen as the venue, as my former superior used to. But this time, one of my colleagues did bad thing to the mom and showed arrogant behavior in the bistro, I was asked by the mom of the bistro not to take the guy to her bistro again. I am so sorry, mom!      
 These are my superiors and some of the staff of the branch press offices in Iwamizawa City. "The guy" is not in this photo but he came back to the bistro again after this after. Yes, like a nightmare.
The small exhibition of china and pottery will be held in the Japanese inn named  "Mikazuki" which means "Crescent " in Japanese. Very nice china and porcelain are displayed in   Japanese traditional building.
I decided not to go the after because I experienced stressful situations and slight injury in the after and sometimes felt some aches with my muscles.
I want to drink with my wife using such tasteful porcelain, away from thousands of craps in this world. No more binge drinking !
But, to be honest, I had been caught by one of my colleagues in the party thrown for directors and abducted to another colleague's flat in Iwamizawa City.
I am keeping to steer clear of alcohol this weekend.
Please take care and stay fit through this great holidays !

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