Mt. Shokanbetsu-dake ?

by Kazu

On my way back from my business jaunt to Ashibetsu City, I could see the shade of God on the mountain on the north. I think it is Mt. Shokanbetsu-dake wearing clouds around its hillside. It is hallowed with the sunshine and mysterious clouds.
I was haggard with long drive and endless disputes in municipalities but I got the second wing from the shade and light.
Yes, as if it was the mountain of 8,000 meters high, the clouds covered the mountain and create the illusion of peak in the sky.

Everybody settled in the new circumstances ?
I had to hit the ground running when I was assigned to Sorachi sub-prefectural area. I will have to conduct a rocket start this fiscal year and show a special performance to the people in my area.

Everybody, please take care of yourself and shake the world with me !

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