"Men Men" in Iwamizawa City again!

by Kazu

After enjoyed the festival in Kuriyama Town, my wife and I had to deliver my superior and colleague to their flat in Iwamizawa City. Though we had a;ready swelled with delicious food in Kuriyama Town but as my wife and I were cold sober alcoholic atmosphere from my superiors and colleague in my car, our stomach required something light to eat at 14:00.
So we dropped by thin noodle soup restaurant "Men Men" in Iwamizawa again on April 14(Sun.) .
This restaurant had been in front of the construction company as if it were the restaurant for the staff. Actually the restaurant was run by the construction company and it spun out as the independent restaurant.

The current building beside the route 12 was established a few years ago.
Tori-soboro Don is my wife's favorite. Sauteed minced pork flavored with ginger, soy sauce and special spice, and scrambled eggs were on the rice bowl. Thin wheat noodle soup is like "Pho" in Vietnam.
I suppose the comparatively strong flavor is the taste of construction workers who worked very hard.
Thin noodle soup "Soumen" was so nice even if you had a hangover. So gentle for our stomach.
It may be the taste of Mama's or Granma's. It is easy to find the restaurant beside the route 12 in Iwamizawa City albeit in winter, the restaurant may be behind the small mountain of snow and difficult to find.This lunch set is for 650 Japanese Yen. The restaurant set up the branch restaurant in Sapporo recently. Please find and try the lunch set in the restaurant! 
Address :岩見沢市10条西18丁目8-1
Phone   :0126-25-8895

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