Beautiful Coastline in Kaminokuni Town !

by Kazu

Southern part of Hokkaido Island has beautiful coastlines with emerald green ocean. Particularly Kaminokuni Town has various kinds of beautiful scenery in its area. This is where the castle had been built by Governor General Nobuhiro Takeda who had established Mastsumae Clan in 1470's. As there are traces that shows Japanese people from the mainland of Japan and the indigenous people in Hokkaido called Ainu lived together in this mountain castle, it is very interesting place to visit and see.

It was nominated as one of the national historic places of Japane and Hokkaido Heritages. I am convinced that the fantastic scenery could be seen from the mountain castle and that was one of the reason why this place was selected.  
Besides, from "the tower of sunrise" 夜明けの塔 in Katsuyama area, Okushiri Island can be seen  as well as the gentle hills around the tower. The scenery from the tower is loved so much by the citizens of Kaminokuni Town and neighbor towns albeit strong winds may blow your body.