Assabu Town in Hiyama sub-prefectural area !

by Kazu

What a splendid season for camping has begun!
It is still a little bit cold but the camping sites  with cottages or cabins are so comfortable to stay even in April. Of course, the hot spring spa is the "must" in every camping site for my wife and me.
Assabu Town in the southern part of Hokkaido Island also has so nice camping site called "The Forest of Recreation".  
 The forest is near the roadside station "Assabu Green Plaza 227". About six minute walk will take you to the place from the station in Midori Area.

 Uzura River is flowing near the hot spring spa in Uzura Area. Sometimes bears may be trotting across the river, so bring the bell to avoid bear attacks.  The green leaves and branches cover the river and make the tunnel. The camping site with parking lots for automobiles are near here.
This ware house seems to be still used for the cultivating machines and harvesting ones.The thatched roof should be repaired once in  several years. It may be difficult to find such thatched roof even in the main island of Japan and others. The pastoral scenery still can be seen in this area. This warehouse is about 20 minutes away from the roadside station "Green Plaza 227".
This water mill is still moving but not in work for making flour or something like that. As Assabu Town is one of the oldest area in Hokkaido, it has many old buildings and facilities in its area.  This water mill is located on the backyard of "Uzura Hotspring Spa".
It is not the photo taken in spring. harvested peas are being dried on the field. They are called "Nio Zumi" in Japanese and they are the seasonal scene of autumn. Shall we visit the rural in weekends ?

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