"Bariki-ya" in Sapporo again !

 by Kazu

I made a rendezvous with a certain admirable top brass of central government of Japan. He is so nice to talk to and spend time with.
Besides, after dinner with him in Japanese bistro "Aburiya" (URL : http://www.aburiya.com/  but only in Japanese),
I dropped by again Hakata Ramen Noodle Soup Restaurant "Barikiya" near JR Sapporo Station.
I failed to post the photo of the restaurant from the outside before, it may be the first time to post it on this blog.

"Barikote Zenbu Nokke Men" which means fatty ramen noodle soup with all kinds toppings in Bariki-ya. I love Sumire Remen restaurant established in Sapporo City the most but this ramen restaurant is near my condo. and also addictive.
On the counter, the topping of sprout boiled and flavored with hot chili, pickled spicy TAKANA veggie and chopped and pickled pink radish are provided for free of charge. Those toppings are so nice to eat with pints of beer while the chef cooking your noodle soup. Those toppings are in the pots.      
After binge drinking, the smell of the black seaweed paper "Nori" stimulated my appetite and this ramen noodle soup pour the power and the delight to me as well as extra weight of 2 kg. It will take two days to take off the extra pounds and get fit again. Would you try that?

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