Seagull Island in Esashi Town, Hiyama Sub-prefectural area !

by Kazu

I got married when I was working in Hiyama Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government 20 years ago. Before my marriage, I visited my wife in Sapporo City so frequently that my car Honda Inspire had to carry me and sometimes with my wife 100,000 km for three years. My wife also visited me in Esashi Town many times and saw this beautiful sunset with me on the coast of Esashi Town again and again.
 If I may say so, this is the place we enjoyed our time before marriage and our honeymoon. Even after the marriage, I was not assigned to the headquarters office in Sapporo soon and almost every weekend  came to Sapporo City to see my wife. That was not hard for me at all but in this age and era, it may be tough to carry out such tough pilgrimage for me. Esashi Town has Kamome-jima which means "Seagull Island"along the coast facing Sea of Japan.
As you may find on this photo, the name of the island is derived from the shape like a full-fledged seagull.  During the oldest festival in Hokkaido held in this town, this island is the rendezvous point for lovers all night because . the island is connected by the sandbar now albeit it was separated from the mainland. Hiyama sub-prefectural area is also suffer from depopulation. But it has so beautiful coastline  and scuba diving along the coast was fantastic. I heard that the high quality accommodation called "Kuramure" was established near the island. I have not visited this area for many years after my father passed away. Would you try the superb service and the culinary delight in the accommodation ?

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