Winery Book of Sorachi sub-prefectural area!

 by Kazu

 I am translating "Winery Book" of our sub-prefectural area now and will complete this month. Of course, it will be posted on this site and our office's official site.

The amount of the wine made in our area is not so much but each owner of the winery makes their special wine in their special way.
It may be difficult to express their priority to make their own wine as precisely as they actually carried out but I have to communicate it to the world of 1.4 billion speaking English.

Soon a huge vineyard and winery with an excellent restaurant will be developed and opened in Yoichi Town in Shiribeshi sub-prefectural area near Otaru City. So I have to hurry up my mandate!

Please be looking forward to having a look on the winery and vineyard guidebook !  

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