The Coastline of Otobe Town, Hiyama sub-prefectural area!

by Kazu

It is not the artificial coastline. Yes, this is the natural cliff that seems to consist of many pillars of rocks. The name of the cape is "Shibi no Misaki" which means "Cape Tuna". The many stone pillars seemed to be like the scales  of tuna fish. This kind of layer and the rocks are very precious in geology.
This is the name plate of this cape. Of course, it is artificial but the shape is like the coastline.
Otobe Town has an artificial tide pool for swimming along its ragged coast. Many citizens and anglers from other area enjoy fishing on the piers that make the tide pool.
The setting sun showed such solemn countenance.  
The harmony of the nature and the art gives us the piece of mind. I will visit again this area on May 11(Sat.) or 12(Sat.). I think it is warmer in this area than in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.  
I want to see again the setting sun with my wife but in oriental Fengshui or Ying Yang, males should not see setting sun and should see the rising sun for getting good fortune. On the other hand, females should see the setting sun for fertility. Do you know that?
Have a great weekend!

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