White Dragon in Uryu Marsh !

by Kazu

Spring has come in Uryu Town !

The ice and snow on the ground melted and the green buds of plants are shooting out.  The water flow of the river accelerates the growth of creatures and the plants.

This is not the photo taken this year but it put me at ease even in the office.

The season of tourism is starting soon and hiking in the marsh is so comfortable before the mosquitoes bite our skin.
This is the waterfall called "Hakuryu"  which means white dragon. and is located near Uryu Numa Marsh. It will take a few more weeks to be able to reach this waterfall, I think.

I am planning to invite the cyclists from Taiwan and Hong Kong for the promotion of cycle tourism in Sorachi and adjacent areas this year. I have to hurry up to prepare for budgeting and the monitor tours.

Recommended cycling course will be up this evening in the official web site of our office and I will post the URL tomorrow.  
Please wait a little bit;) and enjoy imaging comfortable cycling in Sorachi!

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