Shinise Matsuri in Kuriyama Town 2 !

by Kazu

The curtain of "The Well-established Businesses Festival" in Kuriyama Town fell on April 14(Sun.).

My wife played the role of table keeper in our group because some people almost made a mistake to take away our chair for their use in the festival. Waiting for the delicious food sourced locally and delivered by myself or my superiors, she was sipping hot drink at the table.
To be honest, it was a little bit cold for me and my wife cold sober albeit drunken my superiors and colleagues were heating up with disputes and puns.

Official opening time was 10 o'clock in the morning but some people began to went home with several bags of souvenir, newly brewed Japanese sake and culinary delights at that time.
The Sake Brewery Museum of Kobayashi Shuzou" swallowed thousands of people in two days. A few youngsters drank too much and were incapable. Before the season of planting seedlings, this festival is the biggest event around this area. It was got started by two private companies. One is Japanese Sake Brewery Kobayashi Suzou and the other is Tanida Confectionery that makes millet cakes called "KIBIDANGO".  As two many people began to visit, the police office asked the municipality to arrange the logistics and the security measures for the festival.
Drinking Japanese sake in the morning is kind of taboo in usual life except for at the beginning of the year in Japan but the tasting of newly brewed sake for free of charge allured thousands of sake lovers. I have never seen such festival started by private companies.  
Skewered and grilled bacon and grilled turkey legs were the big draw in the festival as well as grilled oysters from Akkeshi Town from the east coast of Hokkaido Island.

We really appreciate Mr.Yamamoto in the town hall for providing us the best place and parking area to enjoy the festival in maximum.
I prefer chicken to turkey but the turkey legs so yami yami on the day.
The skewered and grilled thick bacon fit pints of beer to a T, I think, but I did not drink beer on the day as a one day chauffeur with my wife. I could not go straight after binge drinking in the festival last year and my wife got angry with my behavior.  

Many citizens and visitors spread their plastic sheet on the ground or set their director's  chairs along this street and enjoyed sake, blessing from the ocean and the land.
Grilled oysters from Akkeshi Town. The milk of the ocean includes plenty of mineral and power. 5 pieces for 1,000 Japanese yen.
Skewered and grilled  bacon was for 500 Japanese yen.
It's a pity that nobody could find me in the festival and call me "Kazu". The novelty for the winner should be the present to the winner of the quiz for April ?
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