Photo Competition in Akabira City !

 by Kazu

"The orchid Festival in Akabira City" was held on April 20(Sat.) and 21(Sun.) but the result was posted only on the newspapers. I will post the awarded orchids after I get the photos of them.

Before that, I post the result of the photo competition in Akabira City.
The first prize for kids were given to "Fading Character of Fire" taken at the fire festival in the city as  shown on the top.
The second prize for kids were given to "What a beautiful mountain !"  and the third were to "Huge!".

The first prize for adults were given to "The Dawn" shown on the right. The second were to "Opening show in the fire festival", the third to "The Midnight Feast".

The prize for "Four Seasons" is also attractive. What you can see in the photo taken in autumn is the shaft tower of the coalmine in Akabira City. The two wheel were for rolling up the wires of the lift to carry the coalmine workers. The coalmine was closed many years ago but the shaft stands still. These facilities not in use will decay and be forgotten ?
Former landmark in the city and the mind of the citizens is to be or not to be for the future of the city ? The citizens should decide that by themselves.

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