Business Jaunt to the northern islands 2 !

by Chis.

It was not so cold on Rishiri Island and white Mt. Rishiri Fuji could be seen clearly when I arrived on the island.
The symphony of the white mountain and the white clouds with bright blue sky was so beautiful that I failed to check the ground around me and I stumbled in Kutsugata Area of Rishiri Town. The ground is still pale brown but some buds of plants could be seen in the area. The pretty shape with "possibilities" may bring positive effect to the patients with neurosis.
The people living on this island said that it might be warmer than in Sapporo City, affected by Tsushima Warm Current.
Actually female dancers from Brazil got married with the fishermen in this island and settled in.

The people in Oshidomari Area of Rishiri Fuji Town can see the beautiful skyline of Mt. Rishiri Fuji as shown on the right. I think most of the people in Hokkaido need such mountain on the back in their hearts and houses.

One more working day is left before the second big weekend. Have you planned your next trip on this weekend?

I have itchy feet at the beginning of the season of tourism.
Culinary delights in Hokkaido are waiting for you !

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