Tang Tang Mien "Rikyuu" in Sapporo City !

by Kazu

It is the counter and the kitchen of the specialty ramen restaurant "Rikyu" famous with Chinese Tang Tang Mien. The name of the restaurant is the namesake of the most famous Japanese tea ceremony master Mr. Rikyu Senno in ancient times but I am not sure  why the owner chose the name.
This is the poster that shows the flagship ramen noodle soup in this restaurant, tang tang mien. It says "a once -in-a-lifetime chance" and all of the hospitality in a bowl of ramen noodle soup.
The flavoring of Zahsai was a little bit light for me but so nice to have before and between sipping so hot and spicy ramen noodle soup.
The original flavoring of tang tang mien in the restaurant is based on soy sauce with fermented sesame paste and hot chili and the new version is based on the fermented soy beans paste with fermented sesame paste and hot chili. Fried chickens accompany with the noodle soup if you order the set menu.  
Red and white tang tang mien, dry tang tang mien without soup are also sold in this restaurant. You can chose the kind of the noodle, straight noodle or crinkly waved noodle.
You can order rice and boiled flavored eggs after eating up the noodle and leaving soup.Chaozu dumplings are also delicious and appropriate to wrap up the meal.

This is parkoh tang tang mien of original flavoring topped with fried spare rib. We remember the same kind of ramen noodle soup in the well-established ramen restaurant in Ginza Area of Tokyo, HASHIGO.
This is the new version of this restaurant flavored with fermented soy beans paste. Which would you try at first?
Both of them were so delicious and the spicy level can be chosen by yourself. Even if you made a mistake to chose appropriate level for you, it can be adjustable on the table. Please do not mind !
Address: Nishi 24 chome, Kita 1-jo, Chuo-ku,
Sapporo City. It is at the corner of the intersection.

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