The Inn of Lamp "Moritsubestu in Tsubetsu Town 2 !

by Kazu

As it was not so cold on the day, the stove in the lobby of the inn Moritsubetsu did not work but my wife easily imagined the comfortable heat radiation from the stove in winter.
This type of stove made in Finland or Sweden costs over one hundred Japanese yen and the fireproof floor and wall around the stove require five hundred thousand yen, I think.

From the chairs in the lobby, various kinds of creatures visiting the courtyard of the inn can be seen. They were the real entertainer of the forest. Nobody is fed up with their performance on the stage. Eating the seeds, dancing on the stump of the trees, struggling with each other, the creatures were not paid guarantee but exert their best effort to show their supreme performance to the guests.
I am not sure the name of this bird like Bull-headed Shrike but he or she came to the feeding table again and again as if he or she was the MC of the party.
The hot spring bath outside was like this. To be honest, I am concerning about the possibility to be taken as a peeping Tom shooting at the nude of males.

While I am soaking myself in the bath, so many kinds of birds visited and paid courtesy call to me.  
The temperature of the hot spring was so nice to soak in for a long time. Actually I read up a business magazine while bathing.
There were so few people in the bath and the relaxing room that we enjoyed our stay in the inn so much.
The massaging machines were not the newest type with foot massaging system but they work for perfect relaxation and refreshing so much.
Draft beer server was over the counter in the relaxation room but it was not ready for daytime drinking. To make ends meet, the manager of the inn should allocate human resource and budget appropriately. At the end of the route,  the company that runs this inn is struggling to end in black every year.
This is the entrance of the relaxation room. "Hokkaido Wild Mountain Cherry" is the name of the room but cherry trees were not blooming around the inn on the day.
This totem-pole-like pillar was at the center of the lobby. The indigenous people in Hokkaido, called Ainu did not make this kind of sculptures originally, but their art is still developing now albeit some people may say the art should be based on the spirits of independent and self-esteem and these are not the art.

I do not need gobbledy-gook nor the snobbish comment on the art and the way of expression. The point is if I like it or not. Can you agree with me ?

Again the URL of the inn is
http://mtbt.biz/  in Japanese  and
in English.

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