Fukuyoshi in Bibai City !

by Chis.

I have asked my hubby to take me to the headquarters of Yakitori FUKUYOUSHI in Bibai City and at last I managed to reach the first bistro????? of the group which skewered grilled chicken attracts millions of people.
It seemed that most of the citizens ordered the chicken for take-out.

In front of the bistro, many cars were making line to take out the package of grilled chicken. If you visit the bistro with your chauffeur, the parking space is for just one car.
Needless to say, as the bistro chain has many branches in Sapporo and even in Tokyo, without a car, you can try the taste and wrap up the dinner with buckwheat noodle soup topped with grilled chicken.
Its URL is
but only in Japanese.
Chicken breast, yolk, intestine and skin are pierced with one bamboo stick and sold for 90 Japanese yen.
The soup is chicken-broth-basis but the skewered grilled chicken gives the noodle soup a twist and aromatic charms. After (binge) drinking, the citizens of Bibai City wrap up the feast with the noodle soup, not with ramen noodle soup as many drinkers do.
Would you try it with beer?

As the mom of the bistro is so kind and caring,
please accept her advice sincerely when you order the dishes in the bistro.Besides, I am very sorry for making mistakes in posting the name of Mr.SATO in Bibai City.
His name is Mr. Masanobu SATO, not Masanao.

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