Yakiniku BBQ Tamura in Bihoro City !

by Kazu

A certain part of Bihoro Town was filled with the buildings with the sign " Niku-no-Kappou Tamutra" which means "Meat Ristorante Tamura". This is the former flagship restaurant of this BBQ group.

This building seems to be the warehouse or garage of the company.
This building may be the annex of the headquarters BBQ restaurant.
This is the sign of the current headquarters restaurant. The stable growth and expansion of the BBQ group left some trace of its development.
This is the current flagship BBQ restaurant TAMURA with high ceiling inside.
The BBQ group establised its branch here and there in Bihoro Town and explored to the center part of Tokyo.
Sometimes the appearance of the restaurant was like a grocery store or super market.
This branch BBQ restaurant is in BISSE building in Sapporo City. For the cost of the place, the prices on the menu are a little bit more expensive than the flagship restaurant in Bihoro Town.
The BBQ group successfully set up its branch restaurant in TOKIA Building, Marunouchi Area of Tokyo in last December. B1F.

The company was founded in 1977 and it integrated the restaurant and BBQ shop in 1998. The current style of service and BBQ restaurant started.
Before its integration, the company opened BBQ Club JYU-JYU in 1990. The owner of the company is at the center.
In 1977, Steakhouse Tamura was opened.
The origin of the company was the butcher shop Tamura that was established in 1927 with Sukiyaki restaurant IROHA.
In the current flagship BBQ restaurant, the wine cellar and Japanese sake and spirits cellar are filled with popular series of alcohol.
The quality of the meat was so high and the price was so reasonable. Absolutely, you can get enough satisfaction.
I will post the meat grilled on the table.  

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