Toumei Park in Bibai City and Space Carillon !

by Chis.

When I visited Toumei Park in Bibai City, the cherry blossoms were not in full bloom as posted on the left but "they are now in full flourish" said the Municipality of Bibai on its Facebook site as posted below.

However, as cold snaps bit the plants again and again this spring, some of the buds of blossoms were not successful to fully bloom before the green leaves extended themselves to the sunshine. So the green and pink made the harmony albeit only pink solo is expected every early spring.    
This is the cherry trees in Toumei Park on May 18(Sat.) The trees gave us the impression of black with their trunks that made a excellent contrast only with the pink blossoms.

This is the carillon tower called "Space Carillon" in Bibai City. I have never heard of the bell ringing unfortunately but I would like to know what kind of tunes are played by this carillon tower. Is the shape like a space ship ?
Toumein Park also has a pond at the center. Vendors set their stands around the pond on weekends.

Wild Mountain Cherry and Chishima Cherry  bloom at first and Someiyoshino Cherry second. Someiyoshino Cherry trees were sent from Japan to the United States and planted along Potomac River in Washington,D.C. before World War Ⅱ as the symbol of friendship between the countries.
It is a pity that the two countries fought each other in the war but the cherry trees along the Potomac River and in Japan must have seen and felt the sad fact.
I think we Japanese people do not like wars and never want to lose the family members, relatives and friends. In the world dog-eat-dog, cut-throat situation of international economy, what we should pursuit other than the real happiness?
The descendants of immigrants to Bibai City established this monument praying for the happiness of their descendants and the citizen of Bibai City as well as other immigrants in Hokkaido. Is it wrong ? People falter. Does it matter ?
We have to talk to the world to keep our hometown a kind of Shangri-La !  

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