Yakiniku BBQ Tamura in Bihoro City 2 !

by Kazu

Sorry for failing to post the photos of what you can eat in the flagship BBQ restaurant of "TAMURA Group".
This is the current main building of the restaurant in Bihoro Town.
It is a pity that the smoking area and non-smoking area are not divided but the so high ceiling and the hyper ventilation system on the table keep the smoke from annoying the guests  in the restaurant.
This is "Yakiniku Lunch" of "Tamura". The quality tenderloin and sirloin of beef are served for 1,680 Japanese Yen. The price for this amount of quality beef is possible only in the flagship restaurant in Bihoro Town.
In the branch restaurant in BISSE of Sapporo City and in Tokyo Building TOKIA of Tokyo.
The quality and the quantity are guaranteed. I understood enough why the restaurant is filled with the customers at lunch time and dinner time.
This is "Stamina Lunch Set" for 980 Japanese Yen. Tongue, heart and intestine of cattle are served with sliced veggies. I think the dish is healthier than "Yakiniku Lunch Set". The condition of the meat was superb !
This is "Beefsteak Lunch Set" for 1,280 Japanese Yen. The demi-glace sauce was so tasty and extracted the very best taste of  beef with its magical recipe. I think it was first time for us to have beefsteak dish in BBQ restaurant.
Because, in Japanese Yakiniku,  restaurants, normally the meats should be grilled by the customers on the table as shown on the left.
But the BBQ restaurant can offer the best beef for reasonable prices.

I would like to let my friends try the grilled beef in Bihoro Town. I think it is possible to stamp the mark of "Halal" on the meat. So sweet and tasty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
The intestine of the cattle almost has no uncomfortable smells and gave us so nice feelings in our mouth.
In Sapporo City, the branch restaurant in BISSE Building and in Kikusui Motomachi Area. The URL is

Would you try this weekend?
Have a nice weekend!

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  1. You mentioned about "halal". Does the place really serve halal food?