My hometown Kitami City !

by Kazu

Jogging around my house in Kitami city is a little bit harder than doing in Sapporo City and Iwamizawa City because the route in Kitami includes hilly course. This photo was taken at the Green Forest Center of the city located on the hillside of the north side mountain.
The daylight time in Kitami is the longest in Japan and actually even in Hokkaido, the difference can be easily felt by the residents in Hokkaido.
In the morning on a fine day, the air is filled with the sigh exhaled by pine trees and the aroma inspires us to the greater efforts.  While I strolling in the forest near this park, I heard the noise of click, click click. Something was making the noise in the forest. Then I explore into the forest and seeking for the source of the noise.
Something is moving on the branch of pine tree in the forest.
Can you see the shadow of the squirrel on the photo below ?
It is called Ezo-Risu in Japan and the academic name is Sciurus vulgaris orientis.
The ground under the tree was cluttered with so many walnut shells taken off the content clearly.
Azalea started to bloom in the cold air in Kitami.
The flowers in your region are blooming now ?
Have a nice weekend !

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