TOKACHI sub-prefectural area !

by Kazu

Every time we visit this buckwheat restaurant "Mebunryou" in Tokachi Shimizu, we have to wait for a while to sit  and eat the marvelous buckwheat noodle. Depending on the situation of buckwheat market, the restaurant change the resource of the buckwheat but it cooses the best of bests in the market.
Almost every time I visit there, I have this buckwheat noodle with crispy fried beggies.    
 My wife chose this time the hot soup to soak the noodle in. Actually the taste of the noodle was superb. In our experience, in the afternoon after 12:30, there is the possibility the guests can not eat the buckwheat noodle soup on the day. The restaurant is continuing to allure the people from the area around Obihiro City and other areas of Hokkaido.
The details of the restaurant is at http://tokachi432.com/?page_id=77
This is the butter cream sand sold only in the headquarters shop of Rokkatei that is seeking for the way to be loved by the most of the people on this globe. So nice to have with bitter taste coffee.
The flagship shop of Rokkatei has the other special confection that can be bought only in the shop. Unfortunately, the taste of the sweets can be kept for hours, they can not be purchased in other shops in Hokkaido, needless to say about other islands in Japan.
 This is the new that can be purchased only in the shop. I've not tried the taste of this sandwich, so I can not comment on the taste. Sorry about that.
These sweets are the special that can be purchased only in the headquarters. The corner was filled with many people with a cuppa which is provide to the guests.
I will post the photos of Hakodate City tomorrow !

 Please take care of yourself and let's enjoy the seasons with real biog draws!

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