Sunagawa Sweets Kitakarou !

by Kazu

I have never recognized the catch of "KITAKARO",  Nouvelle Patisserie Japonaise before.
When you are worn down by the challenges, house or office chores in your life, quality sweets will save you and give you the second wing.

At the flagship shop of the patisserie, a limited number of pancakes with fruit and cream topping were strongly recommended on that day. Of course, my wife snapped up the specialty. It might be easier to control my wife if I was a patissier but speaking of the skill to make sweets, my wife trumps me.
The patisserie Kitakaro is very famous for its tasting style as well as the quality and deliciousness of its sweets. The visitors buy the try-and-true products in the shop.
Various kinds of sweets in the gift package are wrapped up with pretty designed papers or small plastic bags. The appearance of the package excites and attracts the females in front of the showcase.

That is why most of the patisseries in Hokkaido are connected with the artistic activities in the regions.
Even in the flagship shop of the patisserie, a small gallery is set in the building with fountain system.
Many guests were waiting for the table to enjoy the quality sweets on the spot. I saw so many guests were tasting the sample sweets and rice crackers in the shop that I assume the cost for sample amounts to thousands yens in a day.
Chocolate cookies are the current big draw in the patisserie. Actually it hits the excellent balance between bitter taste and sweetness.
The gift pack which includes melon jelly, salty fried rice cake and other popular sweets were sold out on that day.
The Baumkuchen is one of the stable cake that sell like pancakes.
The salty fried rice cake flavored with shrimp, scallop, kelp or sea urchin are  so popular that the sample for tasting should be added again and again in a day.
I chose the strawberry parfait so that my wife could try a little bit of it with the special pancake of the shop.
The special pancakes were much better than the photo on the menu. It may be one of the art that can make the people happier and inspired with the power to contemplate and carry out the plan to be happier.

Again, when you are tired, such kinds of sweets give you the second wing.

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  1. i like this.. look yummy pancake :)