The Inn of Lamp "Moritsubestu in Tsubetsu Town !

by Kazu

Even in the eastern part of Hokkaido, farmers started to cultivate the fields. In comparison with the amount of snowfall in Sorachi sub-prefectural area,  the eastern part had fewer  amount and the start of cultivation may be earlier than Sorachi.
Once the agreement of TPP was established, these fertile agricultural fields can be maintained as they were as the source of produce of safety and relief ?  
If the fields were abandoned because of the defeat in the price competition of produces, it would take three years to make up the fields again for cultivating quality veggies and crops of safety and relief. Hokkaido should be the center of the produces of safety and relief in order to raise kids who build the future.
Of course, the produces should have its own cutting edge in any event to compete with the cheap produces from the oversea.

These are the fields in the mountainous area of Tsubestu Town. It may be tough work to run a farm in this cold area but there is an inn with spa like an oasis.

The name of the inn is "The Inn with lamps, Mori Tsubetsiu" established by the municipality of Tsubetsu and run currently by the private sectors.

Fortunately, the inn has the English web site, http://www.ambix.co.jp/en/moritsubetsu.php
but its Japanese web site has more photos
than the English site.

This inn is located in the forest at the end of road from the town. In summer, as the road to Lake Kussharo is opened, the inn is accessible from the lake but in winter, the inn is like a hidden oasis where only the citizens and the connoisseurs of the tour in Hokkaido stay in.  
The lobby of the inn is decorated in the taste of nature-oriented. Japanese Primroses bloom in June to August around this area and the restaurant has the name of the flower, Kurin-sou.
Many birds and animals can be seen from this lobby.

The number of guestrooms are not so many but that creates the special exclusive space and keeps the facility distinguished.
 I think the connoisseurs love this type of accommodations and atmosphere to enjoy enough Hokkaido.
The guests in the inn can be friends each other after sharing the hidden space in the  forest. The spa is so comfortable to soak your body for a long time and actually I read a magazine in the hot spring bath outside.
The guests from the forest can be seen even on the web site of the inn. I think everybody will be intrigued in;)

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