Mt. Me-Akan(dake) and Onneto !

by Kazu

On our way from Obihiro City through Akan National Park to Kitami City, we could see the mountains with white crown from the Route 241. It was still cold and seemed to snow on top of the mountains.
Mt. Me-Akan(dake) (1,499m) is on the left side of the photo  and Mt. Akan Fuji(1,476) is on the right. I have conquered the peak of Mt. Me-Akan(dake) with my husband last year but not the peak of Mt. "Akan-Fuji". We may try the mountain this year but absolutely we will avoid the season of snow and the avalanche.

Before soaking ourselves in the hot spring bath of Nonaka Onsen at the foot of Me Akan(dake),  we explored into the lakeside of "Onneto". Most of the surface of the lake was still covered with ice and snow. The mysterious blue that can be seen in summer and autumn could not be seen on that day.
A part of the lake showed its green color but we could not see fish in the lake.
Mt. Me Akan(dake) and Mt. Akan Fuji showed their white crown over the hill beside the lake.
Approximately 30 minute walk brings you to the hot spring water fall in the forest near the lake. Somebody released tropical fish in the pool under the hot spring water fall and they increased the number until five years ago.
I am not sure if those fish are still swimming in the pool or not.
If you have a chance to visit the hot spring water fall near the lake "Onneto", please check out the tropical fish in the pool that survived the harsh winter of this area !  

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