Good-bye islands !

by Chis.

Our team left Rishiri Island for Rebun Island.
Seagulls showed us enough their ability to fly acrobatically to pick up snacks from the hands of the passengers.

I am not sure if the oil contained in the pieces of snacks is good for the stomach and health of the seagulls or not. But they seemed to like the snack "Kappa Ebisen", the shrimp-taste snack.
"Takechan Sushi" is one of the sushi restaurant that can serve Ramen noodle soup and sweets as well in the ferry terminal of Rebun Island. Salt taste ramen noodle soup is one of the big draw at lunch time. The restaurant is so popular with not only the tourists but also the citizens of the island.
Mt. Rishiri Fuji still could be seen clearly from the port of Rebun Island. It looks like the island floating in the air.
This is the dinner in Nature Inn Hanashin where we stayed in Rebun. Sesame curd, grilled Hokke fish ( a kind of cod?), see weed mozuku flavored with vinegar, sushi grade sliced fresh fish including squid, sauteed shrimp and vegetables, fried intestine of fish and so forth.

Next morning, Mt. Rishiri Fuji could be seen more clearly than the day before. Bright white peak was not covered with clouds.
I love hiking but I am not so courageous enough to try the mountain in winter.
Seagulls followed the ferry until the ship arrived at the port.
Rebun Island showed its gentle hillside and peak with white snow.
As opposed to the shape of Rebun Island, Rishiri Island showed as the sharp peak with beautiful shape of Konide.
I will visit these Islands again next year in my business jaunt but I may have to take my husband to there in coming summer to savor delicious sea urchin.

Until  then, good bye, islands!

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