What are in Atsuma Town?

by Chis.

I am very sorry for failing to post the photo of image character of Rebun Island. The motif is the plant of the island Rebun Atsumorisou, C. Marcanthum Var. rebunense.
The name is ATSUMON. It is showing the hospitality of the citizens of the island and receiving the tourists at the port.
These are a kind of rice cake and normally they are called "Beko-Mochi" but this type of this island is called "Kujira-Mochi". "Beko" means cattle and "Kujira"means whale in Japanese. The difference is the pattern of the surface. The two kinds of color is almost the same with Beko-Mochi.

It is the dinner in the hotel "Nature Inn Hanashin" in Rebun Island. Can you believe that the pot on the top is made of paper? The soup is inside the paper pot, so the fire under the pot does not burn the paper. The grilled herrings were so nice and let us feel the beginning of spring. Herrings are called "the fish that calls spring".
This is the last report on our business jaunt to the northern islands.

I will post the report on my trip to the southern part of Hokkaido Island, seeking for the cherry blossoms in full bloom soon !

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