N43 in BISSE, Sapporo City again !

by Chis.

As my husband forgot to use the coupon on my birthday, issued by N43 Steakhouse in BISSE of Sapporo City, we visit the steak house again, intending to use the coupon.

But the coupon was valid until my birthday and we could not get 10% discount in the restaurant., as a result.

The hors d'oeuvre of the restaurant was as usual, salad, roast beef with horse radish, shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, Asian marine, sauteed chicken, macaroni au gratin,
sliced octopus carpaccio and so forth.  
I was eager to eat hamburger with sauce demi-glace with spinach paste and mashed potato but the charm of the thick beefsteak allured us even after we ordered the dishes.
The demi-glace sauce was so tasty and strong that we could have had a whole bagguet bread with the sauce.
When we take photos of culinary delights, we have to set the angle like this. It is said that the wide pattern is not appropriate for delicious food, in order to extract the impression of yum yum food.
The melted cheese gave the dish the appearance of perfect art of cuisine.
The crispy bagguet fitted the demi-glace sauce to a T!
Which photo do you like better ?
Above photo is the hamburger of 180 g and the right is 80 g.
When we ate the beefsteak, the chef's recommendation was medium-rare but that was not done enough, we thought, we asked the maitre'd to cook the hamburger enough. That is the reason why we felt the sauce demi-glace had strong taste. I think the gravy lost the moist a little bit too much and the taste of demi-glace got strong.    
Plenty of sauce demi-glace could make us eat more dessert than usual. Creme brulee and white pudding with raspberry sauce were so nice after having the strong tasty demi-glace sauce. Chocolate cake was also nice !

Again the URL of the restaurant is

I keep my fingers and toes crossed for cherry blossoms blooming fully in Hakodate City this weekend.

Have a nice weekend, companiero !

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