Hanami in Hokkaido!

by Chis.

Only in the season of cherry blossoms, people are allowed to enjoy BBQ watching cherry blossoms in most of the park in Hokkaido. Jingisukan pot is the popular in Hokkaido even in the season of flower. Of course, adults are drinking beer and other kinds of alcohol under the cherry trees except for the drivers.
Today I go down to the southern part of Hokkaido but I am not sure I will be able to enjoy enough the beautiful scenery with pink color because it is still cold in Hokkaido even in Hakodate City.  
This is the photo of Esashi Town in Hiyama sub-prefectural area facing the Sea of Japan. Sakasa-gawa Forest Park in Esashi Town is the popular place to enjoy cherry blossoms. I hope I can see the flower which is the symbol of Japanese mind including the spirit of Samurai.
I want to see the power of the life as soon as possible.
My report from the south will be posted tomorrow. Please pray for the full blooming of cherry blossoms in order to post the beautiful scenery on this blog site.
Have a nice weekend!