Do you know Milpis ?

by Chis.

I think most of the people in Japan know and love Calpis, a kind of lactic acid drink that has been loved for years. But do you know Milpis on Rishiri Island ?

I think it is also a kind of lactic acid drink but I am not sure if stock breeding is conducted in the island. I have never seen cows there but the people need milk anyway.
This is the Milpis shop on Rishiri Island.
I assume that in order to keep the milk on the island, lactic acid might be the most useful tool not to waste the milk carried in the island.
The cap of the drink is normal and the same as the ones used for milk bottle.
Needless to  say, the bottles are the same as the ones used for milk.
Why such kind of lactic acid drink is produced on the island where stock breeding is not conducted and no milk is produced ?
I am so sorry if any stock breeder were on the island.
On our way from Oshidomari to Kutsugata on Rishiri Island, the sign of the shop could be found easily and it seemed that various kinds of souvenirs were sold in the same shop.
This house may be built with the money earned in the Milpis business. We call it "Milpis Mansion".
Though it is not so fine today and during this big holidays, our business jaunt to Rishiri and Rebun Island was blessed with fine weather.
Can you see the white moon in the sky?
Many migratory birds departed for the north after having an enough rest on the island.
The most famous Hokkaido confection White Lovers "Shiroi Koibito" uses the photo from this angle for its package design and advertisement.
The small lake Otadomari-numa is at the foot of the mountain.

This is not the pier for the  lake but I am not sure how the wooden deck has  been used for.
The cloud over the mountain started to change its countenances before sunset.
No boat, no canoe, no kayak existed on the lake on the day.
But the white Mt. Rishiri kept its surface white and pale blue. Do you think it is so nice to see the beautiful mountains from the boat on the lake, listening the sound of the winds ?

It is still cold in Hokkaido but a lot of hot spring spa absolutely ease the pain you feel with your body and mind, I think.
Hit the road and get the pleasure!

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