Nonaka Onsen Hot Spring Bath !

It may be the first time to post the photos of other places than the hot spring bath and the appearance of the building. In the relaxing room facing foyer of the hotel, there is an alcove in which a set of armor is exhibited. I do not think the armor was used in the real war in Japan but the high degree of skills, in other words, the craftsmanship can be seen in each part of the armor.

But after guns started to be used in the wars in Japan, this kinds of armors did not work because the particles made by the bullet entered the bodies of soldiers and gave a fatal damage to the samurai soldiers. Sometimes the bullet went into the human body went out of the body without fatal damages if the after care was conducted appropriately.
Two cats are in the hotel. "The black one came to the hotel first and the brown came later and they have never been in sync with each other", the owner of the hotel said.  Actually the owner prevent them from starting cat-eat-cat fight in the hotel. It seemed that the upper stair is the black cat's favorite place to relax. The owner took the brown away from there to the office. The black one started to say "Naaaaaaah !" to the brown. The owner said that the brown can be sync with dogs so the brown might have raised with dogs albeit it was abandoned in front of the hotel .  
The details of the hotel is at

This is the cake sold in "Cranberry Patisserie" in Obihiro City. "Sweet potato" is selling like pancakes in the patisserie. The URL of the patisserie is

It is so sweet and delicious!
These sweets can be purchased only in the flagship shop of "Rokkatei" in Obihiro City. Many citizens and the tourists have a break having those delicious sweets with cups of coffee for free of charge.
The roll pie with custard creme inside gives you a comfortable crispy feelings as well as solid sweetness of the creme. On the right is "butter cream sandwich" called "Yuki-ya-konko" which means "let it snow" ! They have time limits to lug around because the crispy pie got soft and lost its comfortable feelings of touch, swelling with moisture of the creme and the butter creme of the sandwich melted down outside of fridge.   .  
As I posted before "the Patisserie Rokkatei" never seek for the higher growth rate as a company and seeking for the way to be loved by the people the most in Japan. The manner of the staff to receive the guests. The spirits of the founders are still living in the behavior of the employees.
 It is fine today in Iwamizawa and the sunshine is warming up every kind of creatures.

Besides I translated the guidebook for culinary delights and sightseeing in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido.


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