Japanese Inn in Wakkanai City !

by Chis.

When we dropped by Obira Town on our way back to Sapporo City, we found this commemoration on the roadside. A line of words were on it. I can't understand the two characters on the last line but it says that "something" comes from the ocean where Sakhalin can be seen. I think "something" is a kind of bird that symbolizes the soul of the people on the aircraft of Korean Air that was shot down by the fighters of Soviet Union's Air Force.
Will that be forgotten by the people left behind ?  

The paddy fields have not been cultivated in Numata Town. The most delicious supreme grade of rice crops are raised in this area but the start of cultivation has to be delayed this year because of the heavy snow they have in past winter.

The seedlings were raised in the greenhouses in Numata Town.
Have you ever heard of "Oyako-don" which is the rice bowl topped with sauteed chicken, onion and egg flavored with broth and soy sauce. Oyako means parents and kids in Japanese.  But in Nishin Goten which means Herring Palace, serves the seafood Oyako-don which is the rice bowl topped with grilled herring and its roe flavored with broth and soy sauce.  It was the first time for me to have that ! I heard that herring swamped to the west coast of Hokkaido Island as it had many years ago. Is it the good sign for fishery?
This is the most northern MacDonald in Japan. Of course, the prices of hamburgers are the same as the ones in other places of Japan. But it is a pity that the shop doesn't have the special menu as the northern end shop in Japan.
This is the commemoration of nine Japanese ladies who had worked in the post office in Sakhalin until the army of Soviet Union conquered there after the end of World War . The words of the operating lady communicated before she suicide herself with her eight colleagues. They send the words, "Everybody, this is the last call. Good-bye, good-bye." They killed themselves for fear of being raped by the soldiers of Soviet Union because that is much more scary for them than being killed. Yes, they kept their heart and purity as well as the pride as Japanese ladies.
With many other miseries, World War Ⅱ ended. We must not let those sacrifices in vein.  We have to make the soul of casualties happier by showing them our efforts to make the world more comfortable to live without conflict and tragedies. Shall we change the far east and make it flourish to the level where nobody had not seen before?
"Hyousetsu no Mon" which means the gate of ice and snow is also heading to Sakhalin.
The centennial tower in Wakkanai City was covered with fog when we visited. It was built 100 years after the city had been established.
Every time we make a business trip to the north, we invariably drop by Sunagawa Service Area for a rest. The ice cream that got the first prize in Japan was sold at the stand set by Iwase Ranch in Sunagawa City. I love strawberry ice cream in the stand.
In retrospect, I forgot to post the photos of the inside of Japanese Inn Hanashin in Rebun Island. Just the dinner was introduced on this blog.
The inside was pretty comfortable for the road warriors and tourists.

Seagulls floating on the sea in the port could be seen from the Inn.
Walking around the port and watching the surface of the ocean could make me relaxed even in the business jaunt.
Is this the entrance of the sea for divers? Small boats can be moored and the staff can land from this small stairs ? I keep my fingers and toes crossed praying that DPRK agents would never enter from this stairs.
The restroom and powder room were so clean and functional.
Each guest room was so nice to lie down.
Japanese taste and twist were added to the details of the interiors.
The entrance of the bathes were so cute with the tapestry of the night scenery of the island, I think.
The corridor of the Inn was comparatively wide  and wheelchair could be used there.
As the plants Cyripedium named Rebun Atsumorisou are very popular and famous in Japan, one of the guestroom was named Atsumori in the Inn.
The name of Atsumori is the namesake of ancient beautiful samurai Tairano Atsumori who was killed by Mr. Naozane Kumagai who was the brave soldier in Genji Dynasty of samurai group. The shape of the flower seems to be similar to the cloth shield against arrows from the backside.
The names of flowers such as Trillium smallii and Dianthus are also used as the name of the guestrooms.

It was a long business jaunt to the north, away from my husband. I hope he accept all my demands and selfishness kindly after I arrived in our condo because I has been stressed by various kinds of demands and egoism? of the people in the world;)

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  1. Hi! I came across your blog when looking for Japanese plant names. So cool that the guestrooms here on Rebun Island guesthouse are just that! I know Rebun and Rishiri islands, as I have grown some of those plants in my garden in Vancouver. May I please use one photo of the two guestrooms on my plant blog post?
    Thank you kindly!