Polar Bear in Maruyama Zoo, Sapporo City !

by Mr.Tanaka

"I took these photos of polar bear Rara and her twin cubs in Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo City. I love polar bears so much that I visit the zoo every weekend and continue to take photos.
It is difficult to take good photos but I am struggling to take photos that strike a chord of people's heart and give them comforts.

It is so rare to see a polar bears rearing their cubs in the zoo on this globe. Actually, there are few zoos where their rearing can be seen in the world. Would you hit the road and visit the zoo?"

Thank you very much for providing us the nice photos with comment, Mr.Tanaka !
I heard of your policy "It is not necessary to take the partner in pursuing the male's hobby."
from my wife. Is this translation appropriate for you ?