Roadside Station "Toit Vert 2" in Kuromatsunai Town !

by Kazu

The name of the roadside station means not "Green Gable" but "Green Roof" in English.

The URL is http://www.kuromatsunai.com/toitvert2/

The name is Toit Vert 2 in French.

Attracted by delicious pizza, sandwich, hot dog, bread,  sausage, wine, sweets and dairy foods, many tourists drop by the roadside station in Kuromatsunai Town where beautiful beech trees compose the most northern forest of the kind.  
At lunch time, you may have to follow the line of the people waiting for their turn to order their choices.
Its backyard has a park golf course with beautiful turf.
It is located beside the Route 5 in Kuromatsunai Town that has the specialty manufacturing factory with the same name "Toit Vert" in it.
The roadside station is one of the most successful among the peers in Hokkaido with a variety of produces and products sourced locally and from adjacent regions.
Along the Route 5, there are many attractions and roadside stations with local products and produces. Many of them have hot spring spas.
Little towns built such roadside stations with accommodations with hot spring spa to concentrate the functions to allure the tourists to one point in the town.  
Of course, the citizens of the city and the town also uses the facility but the main purpose of the facilities are to attract the tourists.
This pizza shop may be earning much more than the ones in Sapporo City. You may have to wait a little bit to gain the table and to eat pizza but the taste is guaranteed.
The harmony of the quality ham, sausage and dairy foods produced in this area are crystallized in the pizza made in this kitchen.
The pizzas of the season are posted on the blackboard in front of the kitchen. Boneless ham, fruit tomato, cream cheese and mozzarella cheese produced in the town top the list of the sign of the season now.
The dough is not so thin but the edge is crisp and the center is so tasty with the original taste of quality wheat.
Would you have itchy feet to have delicious pizza?

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