Esashi Town in Hiyama sub-prefectural area ! 2

by Chis.

This is the map of Esashi Town made like an old one. The island connected with the main island of Hokkaido is called Kamome -jima which means  "Seagull island" in Japanese. It is the namesake of the shape like a full-fledged seagull. To be precise, the birds flying around the island are Japanese gulls that are much smaller than original seagulls.  
This is the rock called "Heishi Iwa" that means " Bottle Rock upside down..The thick rope around the rock should be changed every year. This side of the island has a deeper seabed than the right hand side of the of the map.
This part is on the left hand side of the map above and the white arch in the photo is the frame of the bridge that connects the pier and the beach of the island. Many octopuses and crabs are living under the bridges.
On a fine day, the color of the ocean is emerald green  affected by the color of sand drafting in the sea. The ship-like museum is made of ferro-concrete and official checks should be conducted on it as a building on the coast.
This is the right hand side of the island on the map. Many fish can be seen in the water. A camping site is on top of the island. I think "day-camping" is preferable for me.
This building on the beach is a restroom and a souvenir shop. The wood deck in front of the building is much better to walk for ladies, I think.
The warehouse-like building on the island contains a diner that opens only in summer and a stockyard.
The wreck ship museum "Kaiyo-maru"is the replica of the real battleship wrecked off shore of Esashi Town. So many salvaged treasures and arms are exhibited in the concrete ship as well as  the hammocks. The setting sun behind the wrecked ship museum is so beautiful albeit we could not see that on the day.
Esashi Town has a very small station that is the end of railway which connects Hakodate City and Esashi. Many foreigners were dropped off from their tour bus and jumped on the train for Hakodate City. Is that the new draw of the tour in Hokkaido ? The station is located in the residential area of the town.

Have you ever been to the town ?

It is where I visited again and again before and just after our marriage in our twenties.

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