Izakaya "Hakodateyama" in Hakodate again!

by Chis.

It is still living and twitching its arms and legs albeit the definition of "living" is different from human beings. .
Its cells to camouflage are still working with the black color pulsing and without the main body that enable the creature to move around in the water. The eyes seemed to be gazing at the predators  
Yes, it is a squid cut and served on the dish in the bistro "Hakodate -yama" in Hakodate City. We have to be stared by the squid we eat until we eat up the main body of it, appreciating enough.
The taste ? Of course, so delicious with its original sweetness, soy sauce and ginger pulp.
We should pray for its soul  in peace.
It will appear again later.

Crispy salad of this bistro is also amazing !
Veggies and dried small fish are served with the special dressing of the bistro.
Skewered grilled pork with leek is one of our favorite. We are moved the juicy and delicious pork produced in Hokkaido every time we savor the bless.
It may be a trend in Hokkaido to serve sushi of salmon roe or sea urchin in such style called "Kobore zushi" that means the sushi spilling  over it stopping.  It looks so gorgeous and yam.
The sea urchin side is like this. The quality toppings are dancing on the stage and create special harmony on our tongue. Than k you very much Mom in the bistro!
Zingiber mioga is the academic name the plant. Myoga is called Japanese ginger or Myoga ginger in English. It is so nice to have to refresh our tongue when we eat fatty food or seafood. The color of white and pink is loved by the Japanese people including chef.

The grilled cod soaked in the fermented salty soy beans paste was so tasty and nice to have with Japanese sake.
This is the slime bowl with slime mushroom called "nameko", slime sea weed called "mozuku", yam paste and egg.
It should be scrambled  and eaten like a noodle soup with loud noise "Zu zu zuhhhhhh"!
When we happen to want to eat such delicious seafood and grilled meat in Hakodate City,  we visit the bistro "Kaisendoko Hakodate-yama"
The bistro can be found easily in front of the Hakodate JR station.
The URL is
Please try the special dinner in Hakodate-yama in Hakodate. It has branch around Goryokaku area.

On the right is the sauteed squid that posted on the top. Mayonnaise and chili are the best for that !
Have a nice weekend !

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