Why is the ocean so blue ? Shakotan Peninsula !

by Kazu

Most of the tourists just enjoy watching the beautiful ocean and coast from the lookout or the top of the cliff but for me, under the surface of the ocean does matter much more than the scenery they enjoy.
 This one of the most beautiful coast lines in Japan, Shimamui Coast in Shakotan Town.
Yes, actually the bright color of blue, rocks and reef make up the ideal marital garden near the coast.
 But please watch your steps and pay attention to the creatures around you.
Some venom snakes called MAMUSHI are ranging over from Oshima Peninsula to Shakotan Peninsula. And some gnat might bite your skin during your stay on the beach.
 Shimamui Coast is the namesake of "Shuma-Mui" that means the cove made of rocks in the language of indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu.
Snorkeling around this rock is very exciting but the number of fish might be smaller than the coral island albeit the color and the scenery are almost the same.  But I have to say that much more delicious fish can be seen in this ocean. Of course, horse dang sea urchin and purple sea urchin that we ate in the town also can be seen under the water. They are eating the kelp and sea weed.
Then why is the ocean so bright blue like around the coral islands despite there is no coral sand made by the fish such as  Calotomus japonicus (Valenciennes) and Napoleon Fish ?

 Because there are no long rivers that flow in the cove and bring in nutrition and minerals, the lack of fertility makes the rocks under the water white like limestone. No kelp and seaweeds can not take roots on the white surface of rocks under the water.
The wild yellow lilies Hemerocallis yezoensis
can be seen on the hillside of the coast and they ease the pain to climb the hill from the coast to the lookout.
They are in full flourish now and can be seen till the middle of July, I think.
Such "cafe and restaurant" is near the tunnel to go to the blue blue Shimamui Coast and the parking site. I am not sure the reputation of this "cafe'n restaurant" but after going down to the beach and crawling up the cliff, so cold something to drink or eat may grab the heart of the tourists.
Would you swim in the ocean. Skin guard is "the must" to have to avoid the bite of insect.

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