Mt.Youtei(zan) from Niseko Town!

by Chis.

Leaving the roadside station beside the route 230 in Rusutsu Village, we headed to Niseko Town where is now like a town in Australia.
This is striped Mt. Yotei(zan) from Niseko Town. My husband is very fastidious about writing English but I am sorry for my poor command of English.
The beautiful shape of Konide let the people call the mountain "Ezo Fuji".
Of course, Mt.Yotei is 1,898 meters high and  much lower than the real Mt. Fuji which is 3,776 meters high. Almost the half of Mt.Fuji.
The roadside station in Niseko has a variety of food stands. As the pork and sausage produced in this area are also famous and have the competitive quality, hot do vendor is one of the most popular food stands in the roadside station.
The prices are much more expensive than in the United States and other countries ?
The buns are also made in Niseko Town and strike the best balance with the sausage.
Should I call it "Potato Cake" in English as the name is "Imo-mochi" in Japanese. Mashed potatoes with starch are grilled to the extent two sides of the skewered cake are burned enough and become crisp. With the soy-sauce- based thick and sweet coating, the cake tastes so nice and was addictive.
Just one bite makes you happy!
WeiƟwurst is the German traditional white sausage that contains various kinds of herb. Is it not good to add such plenty of ketchup and mustard ?
It tastes much more delicious than I expected.
I think the sales of the vendor is the most in this roadside station. At the foot of Mt.Yotei(zan), would you try the hot dogs this weekend ?

Have a happy weekend !

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