Creative Dining Kazu in Iwamizawa City!

 by Chis.

The bistro was introduced on the Japanese gourmet web site.


0680024 北海道 岩見沢市 4条西7-8-2
is the sign and the address of the bistro. It seemed that the papa-mama bistro was run by a chef in his 30's or 40's and his wife.
The atmosphere of the bistro was so nice and each small room was so cozy to savor the dishes.
But the total capacity of the bistro might not so big to accommodate a hundred.  
The appetizer was a piece of grilled mackerel with miso (fermented soy-beans paste)-based sauce, fried egg curd with broth and macaroni salad with French sauce.
Pretty nice starter to stimulate our appetite.
Even after the first party thrown for the mayors of the municipalities in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, the draft beer in the cold pint was so nice for chug-a-lug.
Soy-beans curd "Tofu" and lettuce salad and the spring roll showed the high degrees of skills and sense of the owner chef in this bistro. To be honest, speaking of the salad, I prefer spicier and strong flavoring but to make the most of the original taste of the high quality soy-beans curd, subtle flavoring may be appropriate even for drunken guys.  
The crispy cover of the spring roll was shaped like a net and brought lighter feeling in our mouth. The taste ? Of course, all the essence of the contents got together and made up the mild harmony that fit the spicy plum sauce to a T.
Spicy Japanese Chitterlings was the original of this bistro. It is the must to have with pints of cold draft beer !
This pizza with no topping looked so normal and plain but six kinds of cheese were used to bake this pizza. It looked so simple but the taste was so complicated and superb !
With three pints of beer and a glass of ginger ale, it costed 5,500 Japanese yen totally.
Would you try the bistro at the beginning of this week?  

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