Would you jog around my condo ?

 by Kazu

I hope my former superior did not catch a bad cold that I had. I talked too much in the party on last Friday despite the possibility of infection. I managed to recover but that required two days without jogging. The cold remedy that I use usually and throat sterilizer that contains Iodine hardly work this time.
My wife was concerned on the possibility of "Streptococcal infection" that brings sore throat and fever or Rubella(German measles) but as a result, I am not sure who brought me the virus. It is lucky that my wife is away in Tokyo to take part in the alumni meeting and I cross my fingers and toes and sterilize the handles in my condo so that she will not be infected with the virus.

The season of cherry and Japanese apricot blossoms has gone but the beautiful azalea still blooming satisfies me on my way of jogging on the promises of Hokkaido University.
It is a pity that I will not be able to show my host family from ABQ, NM these flowers but autumnal beautiful foliage will receive them with their amazing harmony of colors.  

What kinds of substances are used to make up these beautiful colors ?
I am wondering if a certain creature have a clear "will" to change its body or color, that arouses the evolution or improvement or not.
The easiest way to explain such evolution is to use the concept, "the hands of God" but I am eager to know the truth.
Even if the creature had a mouth to speak, it might not know about the history of their change and evolution. For the wisdom and knowledge, a scientist used the prohibited contract in exchange of his wife's life. I never do such ridiculous exchange but when I lose my life, such kind of truth would be given or not ?    

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