Benizakura Garden Park in Sapporo City 2 !

by Kazu

This is where we held our ceremonial exchange of engagement 21 years ago.  Of course, I paid the traditional betrothal money.

Sorry, my father paid, to be honest.

This Japanese traditional gate, fence and house are in Benizkura Garden Park of Sapporo City. The roofs are made of reeds, namely the roofs are thatched with reeds as they were.
It is the tea ceremony house called "Juko-an".

Do you feel the atmosphere of the ancient Japan ?

This wing of the house is used as a cafe where everybody can use and drink tea usually.  
But it was reserved on that day as it was by our family 21 years ago.
It is a pity that I can not post the photo of inside but there is what the expatriates in Japan may want to see and touch.
Even though the garden and Hokkaido itself do not have long history in comparison with the old temple, shrine and tea house in the main land of Japan, this tea house has been loved and used by the citizen of Sapporo City.
 The above is the main entrance of the house and another wing has the room with alcove for a hanging scroll or artistic pot, where the traditional tea ceremony and other kinds of rituals have been held.

Yes, this is where our family met officially and my wife and I engaged. After introducing each member of both family, we exchanging the betrothal money and the present to set in front of the Buddhist altar of each family.

After the ritual, we proposed a toast for the prosperity of both family, drank Japanese sake
and had lunch with happy talk.    
 Some of the attendees of the ceremony, my grand mom, my father, my father in law passed away. It is my pleasure to see the tea house as it was even 21 years later. It might be the first time to visit here after our marriage.
The tree younger than us and our marriage growing in front of the tea house.
Yes, I promised to protect my wife forever but I may be the biggest pet peeve for my wife now albeit I am exerting my best effort to give her wake-up calls every day.

Is it appropriate to wrap up the story ?

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